Tuesday, August 9

The Mixtape

It's the middle of the week and here over at Beach Sounds we thought it was only fitting to give you all a new batch of songs to munch on till Friday. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey - Video Game 
    Possibly playing as the understudy for the song at the funeral home, it's safe to say that this new track from Lana Del Rey is pretty creepy, but in a good way. It's haunting and minimal yet elegant and
catchy. Video Games will definitely remind you of Nancy Sinatra or Chan Marshal, but overall, it has a life of it's own. Give it a listen to.

 M83 - Midnight City
    Anthony Gonzalez is back and he allegedly brings two LP's worth of  of epic, post-rock tunes with him. Giving us just a glimpse of what LP 6 will sound like, Midnight City is a ferociously danceable track that satisfies all of the right cravings. With a title like Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, we're excited to see what Mr. M83 has in store for us. 

Midnight City by M83

Chad Valley - Now That I'm Real
    Chad Valley is man who seems to be doing all of the spring cleaning on chillwave. With nothing innovative or unique coming out of the genre since it's inception, this family friendly gives us another chance to Feel It All Around without feeling old or washed out.
Chad Valley - Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel) by Posh Magazine

EMA - California
    It's hard to not want to hear every word EMA has to say on California. With a backing tract of

Saturday, August 6

While You Were Out, Part 1

A beloved friend of the Beach Sounds team left the city for Paris, and returned to all kinds of gossip and gab. Of course, much of the news delivered was music related so we've decided to dedicate this post to her (and others who might have trouble keeping up with music updates). We'll provide our top 10 headlines to prevent overwhelmed readers.

1. Beirut released their new album, The Rip Tide and can be found (legally) on iTunes. This was placed at headline number one for a reason.

2. A hearty "Arrrgh!" to the Treasure Island folks who released their lineup for October's TI Music Festival. Acts such as Death Cab, St. Vincent, Chromeo, and Explosions in the Sky have graced their schedule. Click HERE to see the full list. Jens Lekman was announced to perform TIMF's Nightlife show at the Academy of Sciences for only $12!

3. Feist has released the name, cover art, and tour dates for her new album, Metals. At long, long, long last. The album will available October fourth. Wine and a listening party anyone?

 4.Kings of Leon have regrettably announced they are cancelling their U.S. tour due to "vocal issues and exhaustion." We would all believe this, if Kings singer Caleb Followill's drinking problem wasn't revealed to the world at one of their last shows in Dallas.

5. Best Coast released a music video for "Our Deal," a heart wrenching love story directed by Drew Barrymore. The video features actresses you'd find on Nickelodeon, Arrested Development, and Kick Ass. Watch it below, and grab a tissue.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

Tuesday, August 2

Outside Lands!

It's festival time! With the Bay area's premier music festival around the corner, it's time to pull a schedule out of nothing and make it something. Lucky for us the folks over at Another Planet happened to release the official set times today, so let's get on it!

Day 1: Kicking off to a sleepy start, Friday is sure to pick up... eventually. New up and comers, Foster the People, or chillwave vet, Toro y Moi? Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah or MGMT or Elle Goulding?  Whoever you choose it's no doubt that Phis' epic 3 and a half hour set closing the night is sure to separate the dead heads from... well, everyone else. But if your looking for something else than you've got two decisions to make: newly reunited alt-dance outfit, Big Audio Dynamite, or pop aficionado, Big Boi; and last but not least, The Shins, Erykah Badu, or Best Coast. Decisions, decisions!

Day 2: Do you rock out with the Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys and Muse or rave with Starfucker and Girl Talk? Saturday is less about conflicts than about coming to terms with whichever scene you happen to brake for.

Day 3: With no real heartbreaking conflicts, we can all rest easy on Sunday. If you want to dance then head over to the Twin Peaks stage, you'll get !!!, Major Lazer, STS9, and Deadmau5: for everything else the mainstage is sure to tickle your fancy: The Decemberists and Arcade with a slight intermission to see Beirut at the Sutro stage.