Tuesday, August 2

Outside Lands!

It's festival time! With the Bay area's premier music festival around the corner, it's time to pull a schedule out of nothing and make it something. Lucky for us the folks over at Another Planet happened to release the official set times today, so let's get on it!

Day 1: Kicking off to a sleepy start, Friday is sure to pick up... eventually. New up and comers, Foster the People, or chillwave vet, Toro y Moi? Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah or MGMT or Elle Goulding?  Whoever you choose it's no doubt that Phis' epic 3 and a half hour set closing the night is sure to separate the dead heads from... well, everyone else. But if your looking for something else than you've got two decisions to make: newly reunited alt-dance outfit, Big Audio Dynamite, or pop aficionado, Big Boi; and last but not least, The Shins, Erykah Badu, or Best Coast. Decisions, decisions!

Day 2: Do you rock out with the Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys and Muse or rave with Starfucker and Girl Talk? Saturday is less about conflicts than about coming to terms with whichever scene you happen to brake for.

Day 3: With no real heartbreaking conflicts, we can all rest easy on Sunday. If you want to dance then head over to the Twin Peaks stage, you'll get !!!, Major Lazer, STS9, and Deadmau5: for everything else the mainstage is sure to tickle your fancy: The Decemberists and Arcade with a slight intermission to see Beirut at the Sutro stage.

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